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Thanks to Islamic Revolution political dependence has been completely uprooted in our country

Oct 18, 2017

Political dependence came to an end thanks to the Revolution… We were thankfully liberated, but that we are still dependent in terms of the economy and culture. We should work on this because dependence will lead to disaster. I will tell you that when I look at the memoirs which have been written by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi’s friends, I read that in certain cases, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi himself was extremely angry at the Americans. He sometimes cursed them. Of course, he did so in his private room and in the company of his close friends. He was like a person who goes to his rooftop and swears at a policeman in a distant city. He used to swear at them in his private room, but whenever the British or the US ambassador delivered a message, made a phone call and issued a command, he was ready to bow to them and obey their command. He had no choice and he had to do so. This is dependence. This should be destroyed. Well, political dependence has completely been uprooted in our country

The Islamic Revolution moved the people from the periphery into the center

Aug 3, 2017

From the beginning of the Revolution, the people of Iran have played their role 12 times in electing the highest-ranking officials of the country…Moreover, the people’s choices and votes have brought about 10 Islamic Consultative Majlises, five city and village councils and five Assemblies of Experts. All these have been achieved thanks to the Revolution. Our new generation should not forget certain things. We experienced the pre-revolutionary era with all our being. Before the victory of the Revolution, the people did not have any role in the management of the country and in the appointment of managers. Heads of countries, monarchs, kings and their cohorts used to come and go, but the people were mere spectators. They did not have any role. The Islamic Revolution came and moved the people from the periphery into the center. This way, the people were given the power to choose everything.

How was the Islamic Revolution brought into being?

Jun 3, 2016

There is an important point here: this Revolution did not come into being with a coup. It did not come into being with a military move, like some revolutions in which some military officers took a government and replaced it with another. This was not the case with our Revolution. This Revolution came into being through the people. It came into being with the people’s determination, revolutionary power and faith. And it defended itself, survived and grew roots with the same power. It was the people who did not show fear. It was the dear people of Iran who showed resistance and embodied this holy ayah: “Those to whom the people said, ‘Surely men have gathered against you, therefore fear them.’ But this increased their faith, and they said, ‘Allah is sufficient for us and most excellent is the Protector’” [The Holy Quran, 3: 173]. We used to be threatened all the time. They were constantly saying that they would attack and impose sanctions on us. However, the people did not show fear


mam Khomeini understood the importance of the women’s role in Islamic Revolution

Jan 4, 2016

Imam Khomeini (r.a.) understood the importance of the role that women could play, otherwise there were certain luminaries among our religious scholars who had to be convinced whether it was necessary to let women take part in the demonstrations. They used to say that women should not take part in the demonstrations. Imam Khomeini’s thought and determination were the firm pillar that people used to rely on in order to stand up against such views, views which used to be presented by important centers. God bless his soul until the end of time.


There is no difference between Shia and Sunni when it comes to supporting oppressed

Aug 17, 2015

In supporting the oppressed, we do not look, have not looked and will not look at the other side’s religion and denomination. This is our magnanimous Imam’s (r.a.) guideline. Imam behaved towards Shia resistance in Lebanon in the same way that he behaved towards Sunni resistance in Palestine. He behaved towards them without any difference. We supported our brothers in Lebanon in the same way that we supported our brothers in Gaza without any difference. The former were Sunnis and the latter were Shias. The main issue for us is defending Islamic identity and supporting the oppressed. The main issue for us is the issue of Palestine which is the main issue for Muslims in the present time… We behave in the same way towards our enemies. Our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) fought against Mohammad Reza Pahlavi who was apparently a Shia. Likewise, he fought against Saddam who was apparently a Sunni. Of course, the former was not a true Shia and the latter was not a true Sunni either

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