Christian Lady from New Zealand’s Conversion Amazing Story of a Lonely Model-Part 1 of 3

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Salam alaikum everyone. This is Kelly and I thought I do my revert video now ,just ,so that it’s out of the way, so people can just look back to it and see you know how I reverted, why I reverted.

I started by saying revert means convert. That’s the same thing .if anyone’s confused revert it means that you’re going back to it, because in Islam everyone’s born Muslim, they’re born innocently, born pure, they’re not born as a mistake mistake ,you know, we’re not born with a sin. Like Christians saying, you know, everyone’s born clean. So I say revert because I’m going back to that state. That’s all…

Okay so I was raised Christian as I said in my previous video I went to church. I went to Sunday school, me and my brothers. I had a normal family life, I had a Mom and Dad three brothers and things are pretty normal.

we weren’t like you know the most privileged family of the model but we had a pretty normal life and my parents divorced when I was 8 and I went with my mom here and that’s when things sort of started getting a bit weird and I Cause everyone else sort of left Christianity and the whole my whole family they just sort of left Christianity and I didn’t I sort of wanted to keep going to church so I’d get my mom to drop me off at church by myself and I’d sit in the service; listening; learning things and then she picked me up and when I got to about the age of 13 I started to rebel a bit and and I pretty much lost my religion .I’d tell everyone I was Christian but I wasn’t Christian, I do anything Christian like.

when I was 15 and a half , almost 16 , I moved out on my own because I felt like my mom and her new partner had their life and I wasn’t really involved in that. They had a daughter and I was sort of an add-on. My brother had already moved out and I felt like I didn’t belong in their family so I moved out. My mom helps me move out which is kind of weird. She didn’t stop me from moving out at all which I look back now I think it’s kind of sad but I don’t know,I mean I was happier on my own .

I started modeling when I was 16, exactly 16, and and they kept telling me are you gonna go to Milan, you’re going to do this but all you have to do is wear a bikini and lose 4 Inches of your bot. At the beginning I’ll say yeah I can do that, I can do that .

When they started saying that I was sort of overweight and that I needed to lose weight and to continue on as a model I thought like something’s wrong and I remember my last audition my last interview as a Model; I remember going in there and there are about 20 other girls in there and I just remember; thinking like these girls have not eaten anything in a long time like they are really skinny and they’re going on about it; saying, you know, salads , you shouldn’t eat there and you should eat this and it’s like all I was thinking I just ate Dunkin’ Donuts and now I’m here. I was like I do not belong here I want to go home and so obviously I didn’t get that job because there were whole lot of skinny minis around me. so I quit modeling I don’t think it was because of Islam I think it was just more of me as a woman knowing my limit and because there was no limit with modeling you know people models will do anything like they will take off all their clothes they will say anything they’ll be anyone they’ll starve themselves just to look good just to have that one photo shoot. and I just thought like this model life’s than that.

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